ZEC Italia: Thiết bị khí nén, ống khí nén tiêu chuẩn PU, ống dẫn hóa chất, chịu nhiệt, dẫn dầu PA, TA, PTFE, ống phanh hơi. METALWORK:Van điện từ, xy lanh khí nén, bộ lọc khí nén, TORK, PROVAL-Turkey: van bi, van bướm, actuator, đầu nối thực phẩmm đầu nối chịu nhiệt, hóa chất. AIRCOM SYSTEM Italia: Hệ thống ống dẫn khí nén bằng nhôm



We, engineer team with many years of experience in the field of automation. ADT is confident that the optimal solution offers customers comprehensive in two field: diactic and production. We supply equipment to automation industry: pneumatic equipment, process equipment.

ADT is confident become a solution provider with fully optimized and specialized :

Consulting, providing automation solutions to improve productivity and cost savings.

We provide parts and equipment in the field of automation: pneumatic equipment, fluid handling equipment for the may. With many years of experience in automation, ADT is confident a supplier full solution and effective for customers.

Supply of textbooks in the appropriate technical training centers or vocational technical colleges.

Consulting, providing completed solutions. Equipment manufactured by reputable suppliers world for the study and practice of laboratory mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, compressor, sensors, automation, mechatronics ...