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Mission & Vision


With orientation and development activities in the field of automation and providing training equipment. ADT Technology has been developing rapidly in order to build brand value created by its own direction, to develop deep our broad and sustainable always based on the core values of human and focus on the needs of the customer.


Targeting is one of three leading companies providing Pneumatic equipment height quality in Vietnam. Towards efficient operations throughout the country. Company Technical ADT always appreciate:
Sustainable cooperation with existing strategic partners, gradually expand capacity to meet the diverse needs of customers for pneumatic.
  Develop staff and technical staff and fast enough to suitable with the dynamic development of the market and continuously.
Provide equipment with technical solutions synchronous package to enhance the value and competitiveness in the field of automation as well as in providing training and equipment.
  Towards a combination of business, providing services associated with the production of sustainable development to create the brand "ADT Technology"