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Doruk Endustri PROVAL

Doruk Endustri PROVAL

PROVAL, a brand of Doruk Endustri Group, since its establishment in 2001 has been designing and manufacturing industrial valves and actuators in Turkey.

Today, the company succesfully operates in 4250 sq. meters covered factory area, equipped with latest technology CNC machining centres and other conventional manufacturing equipments in Gebze, near Istanbul.

Main markets serving are chemical, petrochemical, food, water treatment, cement, shipbuilding, pulp & paper, fertilizers, sugar and pharmaceutical industry. Company's main products are butterfly, ball, plug, knife, diaphragm, check, safety & relief valves and pneumatic, electric, hydraulic actuators and their accessories.

Through years of field application experience, research and development, we have designed products to meet our customers process requirements of today's flow control industry